Ignition wire seals

To pass spark plug leads through the baffles, you use these two-piece plastic wire seals, which require an oddly shaped hole. The bit of aluminum in this photo is a drill template I made out of scrap.

Ideally I would have cut the required holes in the baffles earlier so I didn't have to mess around with removing and reinstalling them, but my ideas about ignition systems have been evolving recently so it can't be helped. I'll discuss that further in a future update. Here I've used one of the existing rivet holes to locate the upper fastener for the wire seal in the the left rear baffle, per the plans:

#10 screws will be used to attach the plastic seal to the baffle, after the wires have been passed through and the two halves snapped together:

Testing the wire routing… it looks like with a bit of securing, I should be able to keep the wires well away from the fuel injection lines:

Same deal for the right rear baffle. I chose to file the holes to an oblong shape instead of a figure-eight. Not sure why, since it doesn't really matter.

While I had the right rear baffle off the engine, I took the opportunity to fill a little gap towards the bottom with red RTV:

I had a complaint recently that I haven't posted any beer pictures in a while. So here's today's selection, a nice pint of Guinness – it's too cold in the garage for anything else.