FWF wiring complete

With the firewall-forward wiring finally complete, I spent the better part of a day bundling wires, attaching adel clamps, and replacing all the temporary tie-wraps with the high-temp variety. Now the FWF wiring is all safely secured, and looks pretty good too if I do say so myself. Here's a collection of photos showing the end result. I lost track of the number of adel clamps I installed today and I'm too tired to describe every one!

I also closed out the two firewall passthroughs. The wire bundle is wrapped in multiple layers of firesleeve and clamped solidly, which should keep the flames on the hot side of the firewall in the event of a bad day. I also applied copious lengths of silicone tape to seal the ends and prevent hydrocarbons from soaking into the fibers. Here's the starboard side:

And here's the one on the port side:

I will probably put some kind of sealant on the inboard side of the firewall passthroughs as further proof against fumes and carbon monoxide, but that can be done later.

Being able to check off a major family of firewall-forward tasks is huge! I'm sure I'll get stuck and frustrated again soon enough, but for now it's a great feeling to be able to call the FWF wiring done.